Sheddingdean Community Primary School

Sheddingdean Community Primary School

Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School Life at Sheddingdean Community Primary School
Ofsted 2016: Teachers value the contribution that pupils make to lessons. They use questions skilfully to engage pupils and encourage discussion.
Ofsted 2016: The entire staff team is committed to ensuring that the school is a happy place for pupils.
Ofsted 2016: The values of the school, ‘reflective, resourceful, reciprocal and resilient’, are well embedded in the school’s culture and regularly referred to in assemblies and lessons.
Ofsted 2016: In the Early Years, adults support children well by listening to responses and asking questions that extend thinking, using appropriate vocabulary to support learning.



Team Sheddingdean


Meet The Staff

Yasmin Ashraf


Hello and welcome to our school. I have been Headteacher at Sheddingdean for over 4 years now. It still only seems like yesterday that I started, but things have changed a lot during that time. Every day is different in my role as Headteacher and it is never boring! I love leading the school, challenging and supporting staff and children to be the best they can be. We have a great team of teachers and support staff and I am immensely proud of all our achievements and the responsibilities our children undertake as they move through the school. More than anything though, it is the success of every child in this school that makes my job as Headteacher such a rewarding one.

And finally, when I am not at school… I enjoy travelling, running and spending time with my family.


Catherine Gent


Hello, I am really thrilled to have joined Sheddingdean School this term (January 2018). I have already noticed how well the Sheddingdean team work together, and how hard the children are trying with everything that they do, I am looking forward to all of the exciting learning that we have planned.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family, and particularly walking my dog. 


Sarah Cubitt

Assistant Head Teacher

Hello, I joined the school in June 2015, having previously been a senior leader in a small school in Norfolk. I am enjoying my new role as Assistant Head supporting learning and look forward to the challenges ahead.

At weekends I enjoy supporting my football team Norwich City although the results are not always enjoyable!



Linda Kumm

School Business Manager

I have been involved with Sheddingdean School since it was built in 1986 and worked here since 1988. My 3 children have all been pupils. I enjoy spending my spare time with my 2 granddaughters, watching Brighton & Hove Albion FC with my husband, cooking and DIY. In my younger days I completed the London to Brighton cycle ride 3 times!


Diane Walsh

School Secretary

I am the school secretary and love my job working in the main office, I have worked at Sheddingdean for over 10 years.

My daughter Laura attended Sheddingdean before moving onto secondary school. I love knitting, sewing and eating chocolate; when I am not being a taxi driver for Laura.




School Dog 

I am Nellie and I am very pleased to be spending some of my time with the wonderful children of Sheddingdean Primary School.  I am a 'Poogle' (half Beagle=nosey and half poodle=doesn't malt). Since the summer term of 2016 I have been visiting the school for longer periods of time so that I can help support the children at the school.  This year I may listen to some readers, I may get to see some of the childrens' wonderful learning, I may get to show the children some of my tricks or I may just sit in on some lessons and enjoy watching the children learn.  Sometimes I will help children to feel better if they need cheering up for whatever reason.  Outside of school I enjoy sniffing everything and walks! I am looking forward to being the first Sheddingdean School dog.  Move over Albert! (translated from barks by Carol Thompson - Nellie's owner)

Find out more about me!



Alan Ridgewell

Class Teacher

I’m Alan and I’m very pleased to be teaching in Year 6 at Sheddingdean Primary School. In my spare time I enjoy playing cricket during the summer months at Scaynes Hill CC where I am 1st team captain and when I’m not playing cricket I can usually be found at Selhurst Park watching Crystal Palace F.C. (much to the delight of all the children who support Brighton in the school!). This year I have also taken on the role of Intervention Leader meaning I’ll be overseeing all the interventions across the school making sure we are supporting our children in the best way possible. 



Ted Baynham

Class Teacher

This is my fifth year in teaching after graduating from Brighton University on my PGCE. I love teaching in Yr5, and really enjoy seeing the benefits that a creative curriculum allows. For four years I taught Year 5 in and around Brighton. Prior to this, I also taught in Helsinki Finland.

I joined Sheddingdean Community Primary School in 2017 and feel very welcome. I love the ethos of the school and enjoy the opportunities for creative, engaging and immersive learning with the children in Year 5. Alongside teaching in Year 5, I am also the Maths Reasoning coordinator. I absolutely love this part of my job as it gives me a valid excuse to immerse myself in amazing Maths, whether it be puzzles or fun maths games.

Away from the classroom I am passionate about trying new things especially new foods. I also enjoy travelling, films, walking and visiting friends and family around the UK. Most weekends you will find me doing something active.


Justine Green

Class Teacher

Hello. I have been at Sheddingdean since January 2016 and I have enjoyed a number of roles including Intervention Teacher for KS2 and school Learning Mentor. This year I am delighted to be the Class Teacher for Year 4. I am also pleased to be the English Co-ordinator for KS2; a particular interest of mine.

I feel passionately about contributing to the wider life of the school and, as such, I enjoy chairing meetings for our Learning Council and I am the Staff Governor on the school Governing Body.

Outside of school I enjoy swimming, walking my two lively Irish Setters and visiting theme parks with my three children.

Ellie Gold

Class Teacher

I’m Ellie and I am very happy to have joined the school in September 2017 teaching Year 3. My favourite subjects are Maths, Science, and PE. I especially like teaching about living things and then going to find them somewhere in the secret garden.

I love staying active and outside of school you can normally find me running on the South Downs or at the gym before collapsing on a sofa in the evenings to read a book.

Iain Campbell
Class Teacher and Senior Lead Learner

Hello! I'm really pleased to be part of the team at Sheddingdean. My favourite subjects are History and Maths. Outside of school, I spend a lot of time with my family which has recently had an addition of TWINS. As a family we enjoy walking our rather larger Boxer dog (Harley) and visiting local historical sights. When we get the chance we like to get away camping and enjoy the outdoors a lot. I read plenty when I get the chance and enjoy books based on the Vikings and Saxons. When I get any free time, I enjoy getting to the gym with the aim of getting back to play rugby. 



Nichola Hill

Class Teacher

I am very happy to have joined Team Sheddingdean.  It is fantastic to work with a group of professionals who are so committed to the children in their care and a privilege to teach the youngest children in school.

I have always loved books and one of my reasons for becoming a teacher was to share this love with children. I particularly enjoy picture books. There is something magical about reading stories to children for the first time and their sense of anticipation, or reading a familiar book where they complete all the repeated refrains and know if you’ve missed a page!

When I am not at school, I spend precious time with my family. We all love music and animals. We can regularly be found at farms, zoos, aquariums, concert venues… or on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and a Disney DVD.


Becky Laloux

Class Teacher

Teaching Early Years is definitely the best job in the school! Spending my day challenging children to develop new skills and watching them flourish makes every minute unique and so enjoyable.

This is my second year at Sheddingdean and the positive attitude of the children and enthusiasm of the staff makes it an exciting place to work.   Before joining the team, I managed a large local preschool. During my teaching career I have also taught across all age ranges in schools in South London and West Sussex. 

I live locally with my husband and 2 children.  When am not shuttling between ballet lessons and other clubs, I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling and reading if and when I get a chance. 


Clare Holbrook


Hello! I have worked for Sheddingdean since February 2015. Since then I have had a few different roles within school and have enjoyed them all. I am delighted to be the SENCo now, which was my dream job many, many years ago when I began teaching.

I have four children of my own, who keep me very busy. I enjoy walking, reading, gardening and warm weather. One day I would love to have a puppy, so that we could go for long walks together.


Carol Thompson 

Forest School Leader and Intervention Teacher

I am very fortunate to be the Forest School Teacher at Sheddingdean Primary School.  I love being outside and sharing the woodland experiences with the children.  Outside of school I enjoy time with my family, which includes my husband, three children and my one year old dog, Nellie (see her profile above).  As a family we enjoy walking, playing and camping.  When I get time to myself I enjoy cycling with friends.


Rosemarie Proctor 

Music PPA cover

I'm very lucky to have a job that involves my favourite thing - music! Fairtrade is also a passion (especially the chocolate), along with getting outdoors at weekends, and visiting members of my family in Dorset. I also play keyboard in a local band that plays at charity events.


Ann Stoneham 

Learning Support Assistant

Hi, I've been a member of staff since April 2004. I have a 16 year old son and in my spare time/holidays, I love spending time in London visiting various attractions as well as musical theatre... this also includes some therapeutic shopping!!


Tracy Lang 

Learning Support Assistant

I have worked at Sheddingdean since 2009. I enjoy seeing the children make their way up through the year groups using their many skills gained from their learning.

In my spare time I enjoy camping with my family, anything Disney and visiting European cities.


Laura McConochie

Learning Support Assistant

You will have seen me in the front playground in the morning talking to parents and children as they come into school. I am so happy to be working alongside Mrs. Green with the awesome Year 4 class. It is nice to be back in the classroom after working abroad as a Nanny for the last few years. I started teaching whilst at University studying Drama, and then worked as a Teaching Assistant in several Special Educational Needs Schools. My favourite subjects are History and Art, and I enjoy getting involved in creative projects. I am aiming to study to become a qualified teacher in the near future. I enjoy travelling, learning new languages and listening to good music.


Rebecca Johnston

Higher Level LSA

I have been teaching as a cover teacher at Sheddingdean for 8 years now and have taught right across the school so I am a very familiar face around the school with many 'hats' as I am a parent governor, too.

I have 3 children who have all attended Sheddingdean but now only have my youngest son still at the school.


Hayley Kelsey

Learning Support Assistant

I have worked at Sheddingdean for four years now, currently as LSA in Year 2, Ravens class, which I totally love. Before, I have also worked in Y1 and Y3.

I have 3 children, who all attended Sheddingdean; My youngest, Jess, who left last Summer and is now Y7 at BHA.


Paul Evento 

Learning Support Assistant

I am now into my ninth year of working at Sheddingdean and I am still as enthusiastic as ever.  This year I am based in  'Swifts' class and run three football clubs after school club. In my spare time I walk my dogs and my weekends are taken up watching both my sons playing football for Hassocks FC and watching the best football team in the world...Brighton and Hove Albion!



Katarina Brenner

Learning Support Assistant/Forest School Leader

Hello, this is my third year working at Sheddingdean and I am happy to be working with 'Doves' class.  I am very curious by nature and therefore very excited about being a part of our Forest School. I love finding new ways to make learning creative and fun. 

After work I enjoy every minute with my two lovely children exploring life. You are most likely to find us outside, somewhere in the mud.


Joseph Jamieson

Premises Officer

Hello. I have really enjoyed being a part of the team at Sheddingdean since I joined in June 2017. I love how there is always something different to do, no day is ever the same.

When I'm not in school, I enjoy spending time with my son, photography, woodwork and being in nature.


Fiona Reeves

Midday Meal Supervisor

I love working with children and love playing games with them or sports. I am a hard-worker and value being on time and am independent and flexible.


Karen Stewart 

Midday Meal Supervisor

I have been working at Sheddingdean for several years and enjoy seeing the progression of the children through  the school.
I enjoy spending time with my family, researching family history and gardening.


Asma Shahin

Midday Meal Supervisor

I have been working at Sheddingdean since December 2015. I am a proud mother of three boys all of whom have experienced the excitement of attending this very primary school.

Creating new dishes at home is my specialty and the majority of my siblings and cousins live nearby so visiting them is easy and very convenient for sharing recipes. Also, taking the occasional stroll around our pleasant town proves to be very refreshing.
I am very happy to be working at the school my sons attended and always look forward to a new day looking after the pupils.


Kay Crompton

Learning Mentor

I am really looking forward to my role as the new Learning Mentor in school. Having worked with KS3, 4 and 5 students for many years, I am keen to assist teachers to lay excellent foundations on which my colleagues in secondary schools can build by helping to break down the barriers to learning that some students have. I am lucky to be able to work with students individually or in small groups, a luxury a teacher rarely has.

Outside of school, when I take my nose out of a book, I enjoy walking my two dogs and am dragged to Brighton and Hove Albion games by Mr Crompton.