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Sheddingdean Community Primary School

 Maths curriculum

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Sheddingdean School Mathematics Long Term Curriculum Map

 Year 1 and 2

Year 3 and 4

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 Mathematics is the music of reason” — James Joseph Sylvester, English mathematician


Maths is a set of skills, and a way of thinking, that we use on a daily basis. It is an essential part of everyday life. Through applying maths in real-life contexts, we learn to problem solve and discover more about the world around us. Therefore, mathematics forms an important part of our broad and balanced curriculum where we work together to ensure that the children develop an enjoyment and enthusiasm for maths that empowers them throughout their lives. 

Our intent is to develop a culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths, where the skills facilitate success across the curriculum. We achieve success through making ‘small steps together’ while providing opportunities for everyone to go deeper. We therefore place great emphasis on the use of concrete resources and pictorial representations at all ages, to enable children to fully understand the concepts and principals they have been learning.

We want our children:


  • To see themselves as a mathematician; to enjoy and be efficient in the use and manipulation of number.
  • To be able to talk and reason about numbers and mathematics in a coherent and efficient way – explaining what they think/notice and why.
  • To use mathematics and number as a way to be curious; analyse, see patterns and solve problems in the world around them.